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Scenic Shop Rental NYC

We rent our set shop on a limited basis until December 1, 2016. The shop has a 22 x 12 feet workspace with a 10-foot+ ceiling.  We have two 3 x 5-foot work tables and a chop saw (on a 12-foot long table) along with portable table, circular, sawzall and jig saws.  We also have an air compressor with compatible staple and nail guns, routers, sanders, drills/drivers, a grinder and various hand tools. There is slop sink down the hall for painting.  We cannot host spray painting or welding.

Our rate is $75 per day for the shop.  We usually require at least 48-hour notice for shop reservations.  To reserve, use our "Contact" form or email  (more info below)

Set Shop NYC

Payment for the total shop time is due at the beginning of the rental.  We prefer check or cash but can also take Paypal and credit card if arranged prior to your first day.  If you cancel within 7 days of your first reserved shop date, our policy is to require 1/2 of what you would have paid for the shop rental.

We have 2 freight elevators.  A smaller freight elevator is near the set shop and can be used 24/7. The inside of it is 7'11" long x 7'4" wide x 8'11" tall with doors 7' tall x 4' wide. You can fit 8' long items lengthwise in front of the door (4' wide) where there is an additional 5" of length and some 10' lumber on the diagonal. For larger pieces, there is a giant freight elevator down the hall that is operated 9-5 Monday through Friday. It's 18' long  x 13' wide x 10'+ tall with a door 9' 9" square.  The door to the shop is 7' x 5'.


Set shop NYC

Sets Built in The Shop

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