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Rehearsal Rental NYC

You can rent our rehearsal space through December 1, 2015.  It's 16 x 17 feet with large windows and 3/8" rubber tiles on concrete.  We have tables, chairs, benches, cubes and back drops/drapes you can use along with a keyboard and amp/speaker (please ask ahead of time for keyboard)We will work with you to store props or other rehearsal items between rehearsals.


The building has Women's and Men's rooms across the hall from our suite (with keys).  There's no drinking fountain in the building, so we recommend that you bring a water bottle or use our cups to get water from the bathroom.  (more info below)

Rehearsal Space NYC

Our general rate is $10 per hour for the rehearsal space with a 3-hour minimum on weeknights after 7 PM. Rates for film shoots and auditions, which require the shop to be closed and usually use the shop space for holding, are $15 per hour.  We generally require at least 24-hour notice for reservations.  To make a reservation, use our "Contact" form or email

Payment for each rehearsal day is due at the beginning of the rehearsal. For extended rentals, we can work out invoicing and bulk payments. We prefer check or cash but can also take Paypal and credit card if arranged beforehand. If you cancel within 48 hours of rehearsal, we require 1/2 of what you would have paid for that day. Also, if you reserve time on a given day but don’t use it all, we require payment for all time reserved.

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